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Is SEO Better Than PPC for Small Businesses?

There are two key ways to drive potential customers to your small business website: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) PPC (Pay Per Click) Before explaining which is better and when, it is important you understand the differences. Understanding the Differences Between SEO & PPC Both SEO and PPC help you to drive traffic to your website. … Read more

Will Web Design be Automated? AI vs People

Will web design be automated? Put another way will artificial intelligence (AI) ever be able to design websites? It is a hotly debated topic. I design websites for a living, but my belief is yes – one day it will. More & More Mundane Web Design Tasks Are Automated Mundane, routine tasks are the easiest … Read more

How to Keep Your WordPress Site Working Well

A website is no different to a car. You need to maintain to keep it: Working well Secure And, like with cars you can: Pay someone to do it for you Learn how to do it yourself There is no ‘best option’. Rather it comes down to your interest and time vs your budget. Yet, … Read more

How to Set Up a Google Business Profile: Create Yours in Today

If you are a local business owner who wants more customers, you should set up a Google Business Profile (previously known as a Google My Business Listing). What Is a Google Business Profile? Your Google Business Profile is your most important business directory listing, followed by Bing Business Places and Apple Maps. Yet, it is … Read more

Best Free WordPress Security Plugins 2022

In 2021, over 100,000 websites get hacked each day1. And, in these troubled times, the likelihood of attacks is even higher. Yet, as a small business owner, you may have a very tight budget. In this article, I will share the 4 best free security plugins for your WordPress website in 2022. We use these … Read more

How to Make a WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly: Your WordPress Site

Discover how to make a WordPress website mobile-friendly by reading about how we do it for our clients. This article will help your website to look great and load quickly on mobile phones. Why a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website Matters Mobile Devices Are Different Mobile phones are different in two ways. Mobile devices have: Vertical (portrait) … Read more

Best Free WordPress Plugins: The Top 9

WordPress plugins add functionality to your affordable website (e.g., a contact form). There are some premium plugins with advanced features. If you choose to use these, you must pay for them. But there are over 59,000 free WordPress plugins available. In this article, I outline 9 of the best of these free plugins. Why Use … Read more

Great Networking & Advice for Small Business Mackay

On Friday 11 February I had the pleasure of attending a Business Networking Breakfast in Mackay (at the wonderful the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre). Owners and staff from several businesses in Mackay Qld (and the wider regional area) gathered to network and learn! Not only did I meet some great people with their own … Read more