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What Font Does Jaws Use?

It’s a classic movie and a classic poster, so many people want to know, what font does Jaws use? Why Do Fonts Matter? This is because each character has a unique personality when it comes to fonts. Fonts can convey emotions, set the tone for a piece of text, and even influence how we perceive … Read more

How to Choose Fonts for Your Website: The 3 Ls

Websites have different fonts, and picking fonts is an important part of website design and other media communications. But there are many different fonts to pick from. Google has over 1,500 fonts that you can use on your website. So, with so many options, how do you choose the best fonts for your website? Consider … Read more

Why Website Maintenance is Important

If you bought a brand-new car, would you also spend money on maintaining it? If you asked this question about your website, the same logic applies. Here are 4 specific reasons why website maintenance is important for your site. 1. Security Maintaining a secure website is crucial to protecting your business and your customers’ data. … Read more

What Is a Domain Name? (+Getting a Good One)

There are many things you need to do when designing a website. First, you need a domain name. But: What is a domain name? How do you make a good one? Where do you get one? This article will explain the answer to these questions in ways an everyday person who wants a website designed … Read more

8 Surprising Keys to a Well-Designed Website

Many people limit their idea of web design to the way a website looks. But it also involves function, structure, navigation, content, and more. And while looks are important to a well-designed website, they are not the most important thing. Key #1: Form Follows Function This timeless principle from architectural design also applies to website … Read more

10 Benefits of a Website for Small Business

Are you a small business owner wondering whether to invest in a website for your business? It’s a dilemma for many owners of new small businesses. Read on to discover 10 benefits of a website for small business. Why Don’t Small Businesses Have a Website? According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of … Read more

CleanTalk vs Akismet: An Unbiased Comparison

No one likes spam, and small business owners are no different. Small business websites are common sources of spam. Yet, they are essential for modern businesses. For years, WordPress website owners have been relying on Akismet since 2005 to stop spam in its tracks. But now, newcomer CleanTalk is rising to challenge  Akismet. Here is … Read more

The 3 Vital Steps to Growing Profits Online

The online world is a great place to grow your business income and profits. I get about 50% of my business online. To take advantage of this opportunity with your business, you need to follow 3 steps. Sadly, I have seen too many small businesses take step 1 without following through with steps 2 & … Read more

Is WordPress Good for Small Business?

Is WordPress good for small business website designs? Yes, and here’s why! 6 Reasons Why WordPress is Good for Small Business #1 WordPress Is Free WordPress is akin to software that allows you to easily manage website content (words, images, pages, forms, products etc.). This type of software is known as a content management system (SMS). … Read more