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Affordable, quality website design for the small end of town – individuals, clubs and small businesses!

Whether you are a psychologist or an electrician, I can help you put your small business online or revamp your website. I launched WEBsmall Website Design to help other Mackay small businesses thrive. And, a quality website can help you do that.

Good web designers don’t just make your website look great. They create websites that help your business succeed.

Web Design Mackay | The WEBsmall Edge

While I do website design across Australia, I am passionate about website design in Mackay Qld.

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Your business is unique, so we design your website with your unique business needs in mind.

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Our quality website design process will look stunning on computers & mobile phones.

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Our reasonable rates, together with our focus on your needs, allow us to deliver great value for money.

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Meet Shaun – Your Local Website Designer

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I have 15 years of experience building, maintaining and ranking websites for 15 years and I would love to help your Mackay small business or club with all your web design needs.

I’m a local designer whose website design services can help you with:

Creating a fantastic new website

Revamping an existing website

Maintaining your website

I can also help you with related online services:

Logo design

Speeding up your website

SEO (ranking on Google)

Keeping your website secure

Mackay website design pledge

my Mackay webSITE design pledge

I want you to be very happy with your website, so we promise to keep working on it1 until you are!

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How Much Does Website Design Cost in Mackay?

After discussing your needs, I provide you with a tailored quote. However, I keep my fees at an affordable level as you can see with these examples. And I offer even more for website design for locals in the Greater Mackay area.



7 webpages

3 email addresses

Contact form

Google Site Verification

Google Analytics

Plan featured item

Service pro


Includes Basic+

Logo design

Blog setup

Social media integration

Google Maps integration

Google Business Profile

Plan featured item



Includes Basic+

WooCommerce Shop setup

Enhanced site security

Shipping setup

Product schema


WordPress Design: Your Perfect Choice for Websites

I specialise in designing websites built on the WordPress platform for Queensland small businesses and non-profits. WordPress is the world’s most popular website management system. It is used by large organisations, including the White House, Sony Music and Disney.

Why do I recommend WordPress? There are many reasons to use WordPress, but the main one is that it allows for virtually limitless functionality at very affordable prices. For more, see Why WordPress?

Think of WordPress like a frame for a house. It provides a framework for your website in the same way a house provides the framework for a home.

You still want to make it yours in the way that it:

Looks (website design)

Functions (website development)

We look after your needs in both design and development.

7 Secrets to a Successful Website

We want your small business in Mackay to thrive and we want your website to help you do so. Therefore, we want to share some proven tips with Mackay locals. Here they are!


You need to be clear about what you want to achieve by having or revamping your website. Why? Because it influences what we include in your website design!

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Great content helps your potential client to achieve what they wanted to do by visiting your site. At the same time, it helps you to land more clients.

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Successful websites are structured in ways that users find easy to interact with. Help your users to find what they need, including prompting their next steps.

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You want your website to look great and to reflect the personality of your brand. Colour, font and image choices matter. We’ll take care of the rest of your web design.


A quality CMS or Content Management System makes it easy to make changes to your site and makes everything else possible. We use WordPress. See Why WordPress?

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People get annoyed with slow loading web pages. And, so does Google! We design fast-loading websites that both Google and potential clients love.

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Many people use their mobile phones to access the internet. This includes people searching for local businesses. And, the number of people who do is increasing every year. This is why smart businesses invest in websites that look great on mobiles as well as desktops. Plus, Google loves mobile-friendly websites.

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No Obligation

Standard Inclusions on All Websites

Expert and friendly advice about the best ways to achieve what you want from your website

World’s most popular content-management system (WordPress) – see Why WordPress?

Up to 7 webpages, including a homepage and a contact form

Clean coding that follows best practices in website design

Email addresses associated with your website

Site security2 to reduce your risk of being hacked

Google Analytics & Google Site Ownership Verification

Optional Extras

Some small businesses want additional pages or functionality on their website. Your options are virtually limitless, but always ask yourself if your ideas really help your business succeed. Here is a sample of some of these optional extras that you may want to include in your website design:

Ecommerce store

Logo design

Google My Business listing

Social media integration

Top bar

Appointment scheduling

Blog setup (Why blog?)

Enhanced site security3

Advanced form functionality

FAQ sections

Google Maps integration

Membership sections

No Obligation

What Mackay Small Businesses Can Expect with Our Website Design Process

A Quote & Initial Consultation

Request a quote and we will email you an estimate based on your needs. We then hold an initial consultation to discuss your needs further and answer any questions you may have, and revise the quote (if needed) based on this discussion.

Mackay locals have 2 choices. We can meet in person at a coffee shop or we can meet via video conference. Once we have a clear understanding of the scope of what you are after, we develop a firm quote and you decide whether you wish to go ahead.

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An Outline of Your Site

The next step in the website design process involves constructing an outline (wireframe) of the pages you want on your site and how they fit into the hierarchy of the whole site. The wireframe also shows the essential structure of each page. You check the wireframe and approve it before we proceed.

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Styling Choices

After that, you need to select 1 or 2 fonts from Google Fonts for your body paragraphs & various sized headings. You also need to let us know your key colours. We recommend 1-3 colours as well as black and white. The Adobe Colour Tool may help you. We then develop a style sheet for your approval.

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Content Build

Generally, you supply us with the text and basic formats you want for each piece of text (e.g. a grid or a bulleted list). You can supply your logo, photos and other graphics you would like. We can source stock photos and design your logo if needed. We then use this content to fill out your website. Text content in Word or Google docs formats is fine.

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The 5th step in the website design process involves styling the content you supplied in step 4 using the choices you made in step 3. We also add some decorative design elements. We show you what it looks like, you give us feedback, and we make adjustments. For Mackay locals, we continue making adjustments until you are happy!

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Optimisation & Testing

The next step in the web design process involves testing all site functionality (e.g. links, forms, email). We also test how the site looks on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, as well as testing website speed. You can also test some of these yourself. Based on these tests, we fix errors and optimise the site for speed. We also set up email at this stage.

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Website Launch

So far, your site is hosted as a staging site. For example, if your domain was smallbusiness.com your staging site would be staging.smallbusiness.com – staging allows for production and testing in a secure environment during the website design process. But at this stage, we transfer your site to your registered domain, and your website goes live.

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Additional Services

Once your site is live, we connect it to additional services. As standard, this includes:

Google Analytics Integration

Google Site Ownership Verification

For Mackay locals we also include:

Google My Business Setup

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How much does Mackay web design cost?

The cost of your website will vary depending on how complex your needs are. However, unless you are a large organisation, DON’T PAY MORE THAN $3,500

How long will it take for a website to be ready?

This depends upon 4 things:
1. Whether you have your content (words, logo, pictures, colour scheme videos etc.)
2. Whether you have organised your domain name and hosting
3. How complex your website needs are
4. How much you are willing to pay
The shortest amount of time it will take is 7 days

Do I offer follow-up help?

Yes, I offer 3 months of site maintenance and tweaks for free. You can then choose an ongoing maintenance plan for as little as $49 per month.

Can we write your website content for you?

Yes. I have a connection with a local copywriter and she can write your website content for you. Quotes are available upon request.

What website design services do I offer?

I work on WordPress websites and can help you create a new website, revamp an existing website or maintain your website. Related services include logo design, SEO, digital marketing, and site security.


1 Within the agreed functionality and design requests.

2 Standard site security includes: HTTPS certificate, automatic updates, password protection, unique login URL, malware scanning, brute force protection, web application firewall (30-day update), and scheduled backup service to DropBox or Google Drive.

3 Premium site security options include: All standard inclusions + advanced firewall, malware and backup features. This involves an annual subscription to WordFence and UpdraftPlus Premium.