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WEBsmall SEO Mackay: Affordable SEO for Small Local Businesses

Why Invest in SEO?

According to Forbes Magazine, there are 5 key reasons for investing in SEO:

It helps increase your profits. Like any investment, paying for quality SEO services involves an initial outlay of money. Yet, the money you outlay pays for itself + more, leading to more sales and higher profits.

It helps people to find your business. How do you get more sales and higher profits? By helping people find your business when they are looking to buy on Google and other search engines.

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It levels the competition. SEO works just as well for small businesses as it does for larger ones. Google doesn’t rank businesses according to size. Rather it tries to display the best result for the searcher, and SEO can help your website to come across as a good choice.

It is cost-effective. For a relatively small investment in SEO, any small business in Mackay can rank well on Google and other search engines. And with the likely increase in sales, it can soon pay for itself + more.

It can lead to long-term results. SEO can be the gift that keeps on giving.

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WEBsmall the Right Choice for Mackay SEO

Choosing the right SEO service to help you rank higher on Google is an important decision. You are in safe hands with Shaun from WEBsmall.

The small in WEBsmall means we focus on SEO for small businesses and the small end of town.

We offer you a personalised package that suits you and your business – saving you from paying for things you don’t need.

We offer a wide range of SEO services, including keyword research, competition analysis, on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, content creation, and off-page SEO.

We use proven white hat strategies. Some older SEO strategies no longer work, but some still do, and new strategies are always emerging. Yet, no matter which combination of strategies, they are all 100% white-hat – meaning Google won’t penalise you for shady practices.

Shaun genuinely cares about helping you succeed online. He knows what it is like to be a small business needing clients but with limited time and money. And he will offer you the same advice he would offer himself if he were in your situation.

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained

When someone types a search query into Google, Googlebot analyses all the web pages in its database and tries to serve up the best ones. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves a wide range of techniques that help Googlebot to view one of your web pages as a great choice for a particular search term.


SEO techniques can be placed into 1 of 3 possible categories, although there is some overlap.SEO techniques include:

  • On-page SEO: Making a web page’s content worthy of ranking for a particular search query
  • Off-page SEO: Building relevant internal links to key pages, as well as creating content that earns external links naturally
  • Technical SEO: All the background techy stuff that helps Google understand and like your site and its web pages

All three of these types of techniques are relevant for local Mackay businesses. But the importance of the specific techniques used varies.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

You can also group SEO strategies into white hat and black hat techniques.

Black hat SEO techniques include anything that breaks Google’s guidelines. Put another way, Google views these techniques as cheating. They may work in the short term, but Google will penalise your site when they catch you. Two examples of Black Hat SEO are keyword stuffing and buying links.

White hat SEO techniques follow Google’s guidelines. So these techniques will help you rank one or more web pages when someone types in a relevant search query. Shaun uses powerful white hat SEO techniques and only white hat SEO techniques.

Organic SEO vs Map Pack SEO

As a local business, there are two places that SEO can help you rank:

  1. In the map pack
  2. Organically

Map Pack Rankings

Getting your business shown on a map that appears first when someone searches for something locally, like “website design mackay” Your business pops up here if it’s close to the searcher if it matches what they’re looking for, and if it’s popular or well-reviewed. You can improve your chances by ensuring your business details on Google are complete and encouraging customers to leave good reviews.

local seo ranking in the map pack

Organic Rankings

local seo organic rankings image

This is about getting your website to show up in the usual list of search results, below the map. It’s all about making your website the best it can be. This means having great content that matches what people are searching for, making sure your website loads quickly and works well on phones, and getting other websites to link to yours. It’s more about your website’s overall quality and less about where your business is located.

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FAQs About SEO

Can you do your own SEO?

Yes, you can. But it takes time and money. You need to spend time learning how to do SEO and do it well. You then need to spend time doing the keyword research, analysis, content creation, internal linking, and technical tweaks. Finally, you need to spend a lot of money on the tools that allow you to do all this.

can a small business rank on google?

Yes! With the right SEO strategy, a small business can rank on Google for relevant keywords.

how much does seo cost?

The answer varies with the level of competition there is for the keywords you wish to rank for on Google and other search engines.

is seo worth the money it costs?

SEO is an investment and it is an investment that can help make you money. So, yes, SEO is worth the cost.

is seo better than adwords?

Adwords cost you money every time someone clicks on your ad. SEO involves ranking organically so there is no cost when someone clicks on your business link. Adwords can be worth it in the short-term, while working on SEO, but SEO is a better long-term investment.