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3 Top Personal Data Security Tips You Should Implement

By | First Published: | Last Updated: 18 November, 2023

Personal Data Security Tips With the issues being faced by clients of Optus & Medibank, I thought it timely to share my 3 top tips for protecting your data online.

Long & Unique Password

Use a long and unique password for each of your online accounts. Never use the same password more than once. That way, if one of your online accounts gets hacked, your other online accounts aren’t at risk.

Password Manager

To stop your brain from exploding from doing tip 1, use a secure password manager that allows you to easily login into your online accounts without having to remember all your passwords.

Personally, I use LastPass. But other options include browser-based (e.g. Chrome) password managers, or password managers linked to your anti-virus (e.g. Norton).


Use 2FA, or two-factor authentication on your website and all your online accounts.

You are likely to have used 2FA on some accounts already. It is where, after signing in with your username and password, there is an extra step. Typically, the step is code sent to you via text or email – sometimes via a dedicated App on your phone.

Personally, I find 2FA annoying. But, in my experience with web development and website security, it is one of the most potent strategies you can do. If any of your online accounts offer 2FA, set it up.

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