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Is WordPress Good for Small Business?

By | First Published: | Last Updated: 18 November, 2023

Is WordPress good for small business website designs? Yes, and here’s why!

6 Reasons Why WordPress is Good for Small Business

#1 WordPress Is Free

WordPress is akin to software that allows you to easily manage website content (words, images, pages, forms, products etc.). This type of software is known as a content management system (SMS).

And the WordPress software is totally free! You can download it from

#2 You Choose Your Hosting Provider

CMS software (and any website code) needs to live on a special computer called a hosting server. Other CMSs, such as Wix and Shopify, force you to rent space on their hosting servers.

WordPress lets you choose your own hosting company. They offer a managed service at (like Wix & Shopify), but you can choose to host the software on any server. Personally, I use an Australian company called VentraIP.

This flexibility can save you money and improve your website’s performance.

#3 Choice Themes to Make Your Site Look Great

Themes are a collection of computer code (mainly CSS) that govern what your website looks like. There are a wide range of both free and paid themes available. You can install them with the click of a button and leave them there or you can get more adventurous.

Personally, I like to use the GeneratePress theme as a starting point, and then create a customised child theme for my clients. As you can see, customised child themes can look totally different to each other.

#4 Thousands of Plugins to Add Functionality

Plugins add functionality to a website in the same way as appliances add functionality to a home. Functionality includes things visitors can do on your website (e.g., a contact form, buying a product) and backend processes (e.g., page building, website security).

#5 A Great Support Community

WordPress has a great support community. You can access help via:

  • support forums
  • Premium support forums, such as GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks
  • Facebook Groups, such as WP Beginner & WordPress for Business

#6 WordPress is Google-Friendly

WordPress is Google-friendly out of the box with auto-generated sitemaps. But it can easily be transformed into Google’s best friend with additional plugins such as Google Site Kit and SEOPress.

These plugins make it easy to:

  • Connect to Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Add meta tags, schema and structured data to help Google understand your pages

6 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Business Website

  1. WordPress Is Free
  2. You Choose Your Hosting Provider
  3. A Great Choice of Themes
  4. 59K+ Plugins to Add Functionality
  5. A Great Support Community
  6. Google-Friendly
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Shaun Killian (me) is a small business owner, who is passionate about helping other small businesses succeed. He has been working with website design since 2008. He is also an expert in digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing and email marketing. In a former life, Shaun was a school teacher and principal before a heart transplant and bilateral leg amputation led him in other directions.