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Affordable Website Design: Quality Web Design That Won’t Break the Bank

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Web Design for Your New or Young Small Business!

I’m Shaun owner and designer at WEBsmall Website Design. I understand what it means to be the owner of a new or young, small business in need of an affordable website. And, I would love to help you build yours.

Our affordable web design solutions offer quality, entry-level websites that can help you and your small business achieve a professional presence online.

And, you can scale up your website with more features at any time.

You Don’t Need to Be Website Savvy

You pay us to design and build your quality, affordable website for you. We walk you through everything you need to do, so you don’t need to understand anything about websites yourself.

We can help you with unfamiliar things you need to do, including:

Domain name registration (budget $20 per year)

Website hosting (budget $25 per month)

There are many website hosts to choose from and you can often register your domain through the same website hosting company. However, we recommend an Australian company – VentraIP (no affiliation).

As your business grows, you may also want to pay for some premium plugins and services. This can add extra functionality to your website. But, all the plugins used in our affordable web design packages are free.

Website Design for Everyone in Small End of Town

If you are part of the small end of town, we can create a stunning, affordable website for your business. Get your own professional online presence today!


Affordable web design for physios


soccer clubs

affordable web design for pest controllers

pest controllers



Websites that Look Good on Mobile Phones (as well as computers)

Responsive Web Design

You want your business website to look great on computers, mobile phones and other devices. You also want it to be easy to read and interact with on all devices. In the web design business, this is called responsive web design.

All of our affordable web design packages include responsive website design!

With responsive web design, your business website will look great on all devices.

Your Affordable Website Design Price Guide

Here is a guide to the price of our affordable web design packages. However, we always start with a quick chat to understand your business website needs. This may lead to us recommending:

Changes within a web design package

A tailored package in between the below

affordable does not mean cheap and nasty

one-page website

$490 7-Day Turnaround

Stunning Designs

Customisable to Your Fonts & Colours

Responsive so it Looks Great on Mobile

WordPress CMS – Simply the Best

Contact Form

Fast Loading

Social Media Icon Links

Email Address

three-page website

$690 7-Day Turnaround

Free Logo

Quality Design

WordPress CMS

Top Navigation Bar

Services Page

FAQ Section

Testimonials Section

Contact Page with Map

Fast Loading

Social Media Icon Links

2 Email Addresses

seven-page website

$990 14-Day Turnaround

Free Logo

Quality Design

WordPress CMS

Top Navigation Bar

More Than 1 Services Page

FAQ Section

Testimonials Section

Contact Page with Map

Fast Loading

About Page

Privacy Page

Terms of Service Page

Social Media Icon Links

3 Email Addresses

Get in touch and we can arrange a time for a Zoom call to discuss your needs.

Supply us with the content (words, pictures etc.). We can help you with this for an extra charge.

We build your website within 7-14 days, depending upon the package you go with.

Manage Your Website Easily

Your new website uses WordPress to manage your website content. This makes it easy for you to make changes such as:

Adding a new service

Changing a team member

You can do this yourself, or we are happy to help you with our add-on web management and maintenance monthly plan.

WordPress is the best better option for a small business website and we use it even our cheapest packages.

Let’s Talk

Get in touch with a brief description of your website needs and let us know the package you are interested in. We will then schedule a no-obligation, 15-minute chat to get a clear understanding of what you want and to answer any questions you may have.

Then we make our recommendation and give a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. We can include a slider as part of your business web design. But we don’t recommend it. Sliders make your website slow to load – which annoys both visitors and Google. Plus, they don’t help convert your website visitors into customers – and that is what a business website is all about. Still, if you want one, we can add one for you.

Simply contact us. We then schedule a 15-minute video chat to answer questions and discuss your business website design needs. Then, we give you a price and you decide whether to proceed.

For the fastest web design timeframe possible, you need to register your domain and organise your hosting. Although, we can help you do this.

You also need to provide all the content for your business website. Content includes words, images etc. We can help you access stock photos for $10 per image. If you do not want to write the content yourself, we can connect you with a great copywriter who can do it for you.

A website domain name is a user-friendly address for your business website. It’s like the street number you have for your home.

For example, the domain name for our website is Most domain names for Australian business websites end in – although this is not always available. Plus, you must have an ABN or Australian Business Number to register a domain name ending in!

You can normally register a domain name for less than $20 per year.

If a domain name is like the street number of your home, hosting is your home itself.

All the code, words and images on your small business website need to live on a special computer called a hosting server. You rent space for your website on one of these servers from a hosting company. The online internet is really just a set of interconnected web servers.

For individuals and small businesses, you can generally access suitable website hosting for $20 per month (or less).

It depends upon the hosting company you choose. Many hosting companies include email hosting in their monthly website hosting charge. Our recommended hosting provider – VentraIP certainly does.

If your hosting company includes email hosting in its charge, we can set up an email account for you. You can access this email through online webmail or you also can set it up in your email client (e.g. Outlook) on your computer.

Ranking a website on Google for most search terms takes a lot of hard work. This work is known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. And, even then. there are no guarantees.

If your business is called A1 Acupuncture Armidale, you will probably rank for a1 acupuncture armidale. But ranking for acupuncture or even acupuncture armidale is much harder. And, it depends upon the competition.

We offer SEO services as a separate service. But ranking your website for competitive terms is not included in your website design. Don’t be misled by words others may use terms such as SEO Friendly. That doesn’t mean you will rank for competitive terms.

The short answer is through digital advertising and digital marketing.

They are very close to being the same thing. But digital advertising only refers to paid strategies – e.g., Pay Per Click Google Seach Ads or Paid Facebook Ads.

Digital marketing is a broader term, that includes paid digital advertising but also free strategies such as posting offers on Facebook.

In one sense, they are the same. Both are focused on low-cost web design.

But cheap often means cheap and nasty. The nastiness may be in the service you receive, the quality of the coding, poor web design or clunky websites. If you Google cheap websites, this is often what you will get.

When we say affordable web design we mean quality at a very reasonable price.

We can build you an online store, which is also called an e-commerce website. But not within our affordable website packages. But please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will give you our best price.

A Quality WordPress CMS: The Backbone of Your Affordable Website

All our affordable business web design packages use the WordPress Content Management System.

A CMS allows you to easily manage online website content yourself (e.g. adding a new service or changing the phone number).

Some website CMSs (e.g., Wix & Shopify) allow web designers to create cookie-cut type websites that get you online quickly. But it means that you:

Pay much higher monthly fees

Cannot customise your website to the same degree

Cannot add as many extra features and functionalities to your website in the future

The WordPress CMS is a much better option for a small business website and we use it even our cheapest packages.