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Helping Mackay Businesses with Digital Marketing

As a local web designer, I can build an awesome website for your small business. But for your website to make you money, you need some form of digital marketing. Digital marketing can help Mackay small businesses like yours to drive traffic and qualified leads to your local website. What is a qualified lead? Someone … Read more

Lorem Ipsum Placeholder Text To Copy & Paste Right Now

The most widely used placeholders begin with the expression “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amen.” I use it all the time when designing website layouts. But where did this mysterious phrase come from? Is it Latin? Greek? What does it mean? Contents What is Lorem Ipsum? Where Does the Lorem Ipsum Text Come From? How to … Read more

How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Website

Don’t think you are too small to be hacked. When I started building my own websites 15 years ago, I began with a simple blog. I thought I was too small to worry about hackers. So, I didn’t give a thought to how to keep hackers out of my website. A few years later, I … Read more

3 Keys to a Genuinely Secure Password

If you have or plan to have your own website, you need to make it as secure as possible. One simple, yet potent strategy is to use a genuinely secure password. But what makes a password secure? There are 3 keys to creating a genuinely secure password for your website: Randomisation Length Uniqueness 1. Randomisation … Read more

Self-Hosted WordPress Website’s Explained

If you are a small business, individual or non-profit and you want a new website, then the self-hosted WordPress option is a great choice. But, if you are like most business owners, you may not even be aware of what a self-hosted WordPress website is, let alone why it is a great choice. If that … Read more

Why WordPress? 5 Reasons to Use the WP Content Management System

Personally, I only work with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) – but why WordPress? If you have found your way to this article, you have probably started to ask yourself the same question. Overall, why do I recommend WordPress? Because I believe it is hands down, the best platform for small businesses like yours! … Read more